About Advorsys Skills Academy

Board of Committees

  • Prof. Dato’ ir. Mohd bin Dalib
  • Datuk William Ngu
  • Mr.Johnnie Ngu Heng Ee

Technical Advisory Committees(TAC)

  • Prof. Dato’ ir. Mohd bin Dalib (CHAIRMAN)
  • Datuk William Ngu (COMMITTEE MEMBER)
  • Mr.Johnnie Ngu Heng Ee (COMMITTEE MEMBER)
  • Mr Ir. Ngu Heng Jong (COMMITTEE MEMBER)
  • Mr Ngu Heng Hing (COMMITTEE MEMBER)

Leadership & Staff

  • Chairman : Prof.Dato’ Ir. Mohd. bin Dalib
  • Internal Verification Officer(PPD): Mr Federick Sibat
  • Training Centre Manager(PPB) : Jeffery Angai
  • Instructor \ Assessor Officer(PP): Marjali Bin Suhaimi
  • Instructor \ Assessor Officer(PP): Deli Franky

Mission, Vision, Goals


  • Foster positive change through self-empowerment, education, and professional training to provide job skills, opportunities and hope-enabling our community to build better lives.


  • Provide a center of excellence for the development of job skills, career, and technical education to those who seek a better life.


  • Trains the underemployed and unemployed for jobs in the high-demand, high-paying field of automotive technology.
  • Provides National Occupational Skills Standards (NOSS) and Malaysian Skills Certificate (SKM) Specialty Training so that students can compete in an automotive industry that is rapidly changing and increasingly competitive.
  • Fosters positive change in the community through self-empowerment, education and workforce development by offering affordable and accessible job skills training.
  • Strives to reduce unemployment by giving students the necessary tools and techniques to pursue career opportunities, and enables them to become tax payers instead of tax spenders.
  • Provides youths and adults in at-risk situations the chance to build a life away from gangs, drug abuse, crime and poverty by offering students a potentially life-changing opportunity they did not know existed.
  • Attempts to offer more opportunities for minority achievement by heavily recruiting students from minority neighbourhoods across the region.
  • Develop and maintain model collaborative ventures and partnerships.


Advorsys Skills Academy

Advorsys Sdn Bhd (Advorsys), or Advorsys Skills Academy, has been launched to train and produce skilled workforce and technicians to meet the growing demand in Sarawak.

A subsidiary of NB Motors Sdn Bhd (NB Motors), Advorsys builds on NB Motors’ vast experience and network in the automotive industry across Malaysia. Its training is also recognised by the Ministry of Human Resources and accredited by the Department of Skills and Development (JPK).


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